Index Zaps Marketing

our Insights & Loyalty solutions.

Customer Life Cycle Management

Based on our studies of Loyalty Programmes, we know that generally there are three phases in a customer-merchant relationship. We can leverage analytics at each stage to keep the customer engaged in the central phase, which is also the most profitable phase for the merchant.

Analytics Driven Business Decisions

Strategic Analytics

We understand the value of asking the right question at the appropriate time We can ask vital Business and Strategic questions for you and analyse data to find answers, to help shape your strategy intelligently. Our offerings range from Descriptive analytics to help you just be ‘in-the-know’, to Predictive Analytics, to help you aggressively shape your strategies.

Infusing Marcomms With Analytics

Intelligent Marketing

We are aware of the techniques in Marketing Communication that can be utilised to build a genuine relationship of your brand with your customers. Utilising modern MarComms, informed with best action strategy from Analytics, we can help deliver more promising Communications.